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Want to make money uploading galleries to URL Galleries?

It's really easy to get started :)

This is what you need:

1. Go here and create an URLCash account - It's free. *** REGISTRATION CLOSED! ***
2. Chose a name for your own URL Galleries blog.
2. Find some content that you want to promote. You can buy content or find links to other websites promotional content or find links on forums or other websites etc. and create links from that.
3. Then you go back to URLCash and login. Go to the "Create Links" tab and paste your HTML or BBCODE code into the big textbox. You dont need to clean the code first URLCash will find the links it self.
4. Next step is to configure your gallery properly:

A) Chose which blog you want to post to (if you have more than one. You can have up to 5).
B) Write an creative title. This is important so visitors wants to click on your gallery.
C) Set the correct categories. This is important so the content is relevant to what the visitor wants.

Hit the submit button and your gallery should show up on the frontpage of URL Galleries within a few minutes. It will also be on your own URL Galleries Blog.

It takes a few minutes to setup a gallery but the income is for life. The more galleries you post with quality the more money you will make.
You will make money each time a visitor clicks a thumbnail link and you only have to make 5 dollars to receive your payout.


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The average blog owner makes about $5 for each gallery created during the first year. You can post up to 120 galleries each day.

This means if you post 10 galleries daily you will make about $50 from those galleries during their first year. After a year you would have 3650 galleries earning you a steady stream of $50 each day (about $1500/monthly)!

Need help? Any questions? Feel free to contact me by Clicking Here